My adventures with Baclofen

Part 1

Back in 2013, I had been Googling terms like “Alcohol treatments, alcohol rehab etc.” so many times I stopped counting. I would indulge in this exercise in the morning, when I felt the full effect of the hangovers. That’s when I was most motivated to stop drinking. Unfortunately, as the day rolled on I new the 3 PM bell would ring and soon like Pavlov’s dog I would be making a beeline to the vodka bottle…

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Part 2

…I increased my baclofen dosage by 10mg to anchor the indifference and started to enjoy a level of freedom and well being I had not known in a long time. This would go on for two months before I decided to tempt the monkey…

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Part 3

…Over a period of five weeks, I cut back approx. 10mg every 3 days and monitored my indifference. Everything went well until I reached 60mg. At that moment, I could feel the monkey coming back. Come 3 pm, the urge to get a drink would rise to remind me that it was still there waiting for me to slip up…

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Part 4

…I took a while to write this last part of my adventures with baclofen because I decided to really test this medication and I wanted to be sure I was ready to talk about it…

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Part 5

got a question from Leigh today who wanted to know where I was in terms of Baclofen and alcohol consumption. That same question was on my mind last week since I intended to post on that subject later this month. I went through a pretty rough patch last fall after my brother died tragically. […]

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  1. Hi Dave O from Perth. Hang in there!! Dr Stafford is an amazing person. Go to her website as you will learn a lot about baclofen and the fantastic results she is having. As Bud says, good on you for coming on to this website and sharing your experience. Just keep going, but again I agree with Bud, it would be best to go through a doctor and get your own prescription as they monitor you closely which is reassuring. Let us know how you go….

  2. Many thanks for your English blog.

    I am contacting you as I am convinced that the publication of the results of the BACLOVILLE trial (and/or ALPADIR) are essential. Without such a publication no health systems, no doctors on a large scale, are very reluctant to even consider this revolutionary treatment outside the francophone community. If you connect yourself to the “alcohol section” of the forum you will see that the use of baclofen is completely unknown.

    With respect to the BACLOVILLE study the publication date has been pushed back twice. I understand that the sum of data has proven difficult to analyse due to lack of resources. Would you know if this is correct and what these lacking resources are? I have no money but I am willing to seek if we can find the necessary support on a voluntary basis. Are translators, statisticians, typists, doctors, needed?

    Do you have contact details of the people in charge of the study?

    Many thanks in advance for any reply you will be able to provide my query.


    1. Hi Sophie, for some reason, the description of where I created the thread did not appear in my reply so here it is again:

      Hello Sophie,

      Thanks for taking the time to write this comment.

      I took a look at the site and saw a little information on baclofen.

      I started a thread “Baclofen cures alcoholism” in the “Alcohol Consumption” category.
      I’ll do my best to keep it alive so if you participate, it will make my job easier ☺

      I’m in touch with people very close to the Bacloville project and there is no known date of publication. I know there’s a ton of information to process and I would guess that there are not enough qualified people to get the job done faster.

      I too would like to see the results of those studies but I don’t expect anything really different than we already know. Smaller studies have been done in the past and there are so many testimonials on the French forums that right now it would be impossible for anyone to discredit its effectiveness.

      In the meantime, it’s important to keep talking about it. Once we get as much momentum going for this cause much like what was done for aids and cancer, the scientific and political communities will have to take notice.

      That’s why I created the blog. There’s a fair amount of info out on the net in French but very little in English and since I’m in Canada, I’m looking to spread the word in North America and the whole of the English-speaking world.

      “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come”
      Victor Hugo

  3. Congratulations for your blog

    Merci d’avoir été jusqu’au bout

    Le plus on “spread” le message que le baclo fonctionne, le mieux c’est

    Et il fonctionne, il peut même être pris à la carte, pour en faire ce que l’on souhaite, le plus important, c’est qu’il rende la liberté de choisir


    1. Merci Manue,

      You’re right, we do need to spread the message. What amazes me every time is the way people speak of the way their lives were so dramatically changed by this cheap little pill.
      It would seem that sometimes, the simplest answer is really the best answer.

      Curieusement, les réponses apparaissent dès que les pensées se taient.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for the good words. We need all the help we can get:-)
      I’ll be contacting you through your email to get some info on the situation in the U.K.

    1. Thank you Doctor. Wow! I’m extremely pleased and humbled to have two internationally renowned experts on baclofen on my blog.

  4. belle initiative que ce blog
    Toutes les initiatives sont les bienvenues dans le monde du baclofène et de l’aide aux malades
    dr bernard joussaume

    1. Je suis très honoré de votre commentaire cher docteur. Merci!

      J’ai aussi inclus le lien vers Aubes dans la rubrique Links.